In order to provide the greatest service to our clients and comply with industry standards, we require the following requirements for all of our drivers. 

Driver needs a Department of Transportation approved physical medical examination; titled Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination.  We will need a copy of the medical examination report (long form) and a copy of the medical examination card (wallet size).  The medical examination must show the driver is qualified to drive for a minimum of one year; we do not accept anything less than a one year certification.  A chiropractor cannot perform the exam.  Driver pays for the examination.  Please note to contact us where to perform the test, not all physicians are qualified to perform this Department of Transportation specific examination.



Must be 25 years of age or older.

Must have a valid driver’s license; class A or B with air brake endorsement.  Passenger and tanker endorsements are very helpful.

 Must have at least 2 years of commercial driving experience.  Driver must have verified acceptable prior employment history and driving record.

 No drug, DWI, DUI, OWI, careless or reckless driving convictions, or any indication or history of disregard for public safety, within the past ten (10) years.  If you have any of these serious driving convictions older than fifteen (10) years; you cannot have more than one (1).

Up to four minor violations and zero accidents in the last 36 months OR up to two minor violations and one accident in the last 36 months.

No major violations in the last five years.

Must have a negative pre employment drug screen; it cannot be a dilute negative.  The test is only performed after the driver qualifies and a contract is offered with the company.  Driver pays for the pre-employment test.

​Must have a valid passport or apply for one after hire.

Must have a cell phone with nationwide coverage to call in and report to dispatch twice a day.